Live Rack without controllers
-= The Big Briefcase =-
Lexicon Jamman

Alesis DMPro

Rane SM82

Nord Modular

Waldorf Microwave XT

The case is an SKB pop-up Mixer case.
It should be noted that all this stuff doesn't really fit in this case without some surgery. I have added spacers to hold the rack rails up an inch or so when closed, so that the Alesis DMPro and Rane Mixer don't bottom out. This means that one has to become intimate with the workings of the "ratchet rails" so that they will extend and lock properly.

Stuff hiding inside the case:
Roland Super MPU64 MIDI interface
MIDI Solutions merger
MIDI Thru 3x8
Wall warts, the bane of my existence.

Made audible through JBL Eon 15 PAKs.

-= Controllers =-
Buchla Thunder and Lightning
Emu Launch Pad
"Soon" maybe an Access Indigo
-= Software =-
Max / MSP and M from Cycling74
StudioVision (R.I.P)
Running on an Apple PowerBook G3 (1999 - Lombard)