The Mill The Mill
A granular file player. Great for warping XMas music, enabling you to enjoy songs in a new way.
This current version does some calculations based on a 44.1K sample rate, so if you use other sample rates things will be a little wacky.

There are two versions here, a Max patch and a stand-alone Mac OS X application. If you are on a Mac and you don't have Max, you can run the application. If you're on Windows and don't have Max, you can run the patch version, if you install the Max Runtime for Windows.

Download TheMill Patch for Max 4 - last update 12/23/07.

Download TheMill Patch for Max 5 - last update 4/22/08.

Download TheMill Application (Mac OS X) - last update 12/23/07.

Creative Commons License
TheMill by Chris Muir is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

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